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About PTEC Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Programme

The Primary Tech-Enhanced Care (PTEC) Programme helps patients to manage chronic conditions from the comfort of their home, with a simple-to-use kit.

PTEC for Blood Pressure

As the first programme of PTEC, the Home Blood Pressure (BP) Monitoring Programme aims to enable patients with high blood pressure to manage their condition better in the comfort of their home. The simple technology and tele-consultations with the polyclinics will help to support patients on their journey.

PTEC is currently available in all polyclinics around Singapore.

PTEC Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Programme at a glance 

MEASURE: Tracks your blood pressure closely

Patients are encouraged to take their blood pressure (BP) at home at least once a week, with a BP machine. The readings will be saved in the Health Discovery+ app, and patients can view all past readings in a helpful chart, showing the control of their blood pressure over time.

SHARE: Allows easy sharing of blood pressure readings with polyclinics 

BP readings  are shared through the app with  the polyclinic care team. The care team, assisted by the app, will monitor the BP readings and contact the patient if their condition is not well-controlled, or if there is a need for adjustment of medication.

SUPPORT: Provides timely advice on managing blood pressure

The Health Discovery+ app will provide patients with timely and interactive advice, helpful reminders, and notifications. To help patients to save time and reduce their polyclinic visits, the care team may suggest scheduling a tele-consultation and providing clinical advice over the phone.

BENEFITS: Lowers risk of heart attack, stroke and other serious health problems

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart attacks, strokes, and other serious health problems. By managing their BP better, patients will reduce their risk of such health issues. Patients have shown significant reduction in their BP after their first month on PTEC, and maintain that improved BP while on the programme.

Manage your health closer to home, with PTEC!

 The New Patient Care Journey

Watch 62-year-old Tan Tse Lian learn to manage her hypertension better after joining the PTEC programme, with the support of her polyclinic care team*.


*This is a dramatisation that shows the journey of a typical patient enrolled in the programme. 


Getting Started

Eligibility criteria:
Aged 21 to 80 years old
Not pregnant
Diagnosis of hypertension
No history of atrial fibrillation, kidney failure or heart failure

If you are interested in this programme, you can indicate your interest at this link, or approach your doctor or nurse during your usual polyclinic visit. Your care team will advise whether this programme is suitable for you.