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PTEC Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Programme

Singapore Citizens and PRs will enjoy a subsidised price of $6.30 per year for the programme, or a once-off Bluetooth-enabled BP machine with 2-year subscription bundle for $20.10*. Your usual consultation, medication & lab tests will be charged separately

*Terms and conditions apply. Please speak to your care team for more details.

There will be no refund if you drop out of the programme, and you will need to return the subsidies* on the Bluetooth-enabled BP machine. We strongly encourage you to remain on this programme to better manage your condition.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please speak to your care team for more details.

You should download the latest available operating system if you haven’t done so. You may do so by opening your phone Settings, selecting About Phone and tapping Check for Updates. If an update is available, an Update button will appear. Tap it to install and reboot your phone.
You may contact our IT support hotline at 6958 7998 if you have still have problems installing the app.
If you are experiencing issues with the HD+ app, you can try the following:
  • force quit the app and reopen it,
  • restart your phone, or
  • check for updates to the app.

If the app still does not work properly, you can contact our IT service support hotline at 6958 7998.

You may try the following solutions:

  • change batteries or make sure there's enough power,
  • remove and put in the batteries, or
  • restart the BP machine.

If the machine still does not work properly or if it is unable to pair with the mobile app, you can contact our IT service support hotline at 6958 7998.

​If your machine is still within the 1-year warranty and the damage is not due to misuse, please contact our IT support hotline at 6958 7998.

​Yes, you can manually key in your BP readings and they will be transmitted to the polyclinic. However, we encourage you to learn to pair your BP machine, as it is more convenient and accurate to let the readings sync with the app automatically via Bluetooth.

​To continue on the PTEC Home BP Monitoring Programme, you will need to have a Singpass account, and have the Singpass app installed on your phone. Singpass is the trusted digital identity for Singapore citizens’ and residents' convenient and secure access to thousands of government and private sector services, online and in person. Please go to for more information about Singpass.

​If you have set up your Singpass, you can reset your password online:


  1. Visit the Singpass Portal (
  2. Select ‘Services’ on the top scroll bar
  3. Select ‘Reset password’ and enter your NRIC or FIN details, followed by your SMS One-Time Password
  4. Create your new Singpass password

If you require further assistance, please contact the Singpass Helpdesk at or 6335 3533. The operating hours are from 8am to 8pm (Mondays to Fridays) and from 8am to 2pm (Saturdays) excluding Sundays and public holidays.