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SHP Patient Advocacy Network

Partnering with patients is an important part of SHP’s commitment to better and safer care. The SHP Patient Advocacy Network provides a framework of engagement for patients and caregivers who are passionate about contributing their insights and efforts to help SHP deliver patient-centric care that is:

  • Responsive to patients’ needs
  • Respectful of their values
  • Part of a caring and healing experience

What does a Patient Advocate do?

Patient Advocates are individuals who have an interest in improving the delivery of healthcare beyond their personal needs. SHP Patient Advocates can be patients or caregivers. Through volunteering their time in various projects, they share the concerns, perspectives and needs of other patients and caregivers to our care teams, to other patients and to our communities.

Why join us as a Patient Advocate?

Make a difference with us by volunteering your time and sharing your insights about patient experience with us. The SHP Patient Advocacy Network is a platform for us to work together to improve our care for patients.

Where are the potential areas I can contribute as a Patient Advocate?

There are many ways to volunteer as an SHP patient advocate. Here are some of them:

  • Be the voice of patients in staff engagement efforts
  • Contribute to the development of staff and patient education materials
  • Participate in the design and/or delivery of education programmes
  • Contribute to Quality Improvement projects and initiatives
  • Provide insights to the development of new services or facilities
  • Work with other patients or community partners in patient support or community outreach programmes

What is the criteria to join as a Patient Advocate?

  • Are you willing to be a voice for the patients and reflect their feedback and insights to other parties?
  • Do you aim to bring cheer to others, hoping to inspire and increase awareness with your experiences and stories?
  • Are you passionate in creating positive changes and elevate patient experience in SHP?
  • Are you willing to volunteer, to learn more and share more insights as we involve you in our projects and discussions?
  • Are you a team player? Always creatively thinking out of the box and generating ideas to enhance patient experience.

If you think you are a good fit, join us as an SHP Patient Advocate! Reach out to us at We would love to get in touch with you. Or if you have someone suitable to recommend, please email us and we will be in touch.