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Terms and Conditions (VC)

For information on the new service Video Consultation for General Medical Conditions, click here.
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i. Agreement
By booking an appointment or using our Video Consultation services, you hereby agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.

ii. Disclaimers

You may proceed with Video Consultation services if you have no outstanding payments under SingHealth Polyclinics. Otherwise, please opt for in-person consultations. 

You must be located in Singapore at the time of the Video Consultation. 

SingHealth Polyclinic Video Consultation Services does not provide any emergency services or where diagnosis or treatment in-person is required. Should you require urgent care, please seek attention at the nearest medical facility or Accident & Emergency department, or call 995.

You agree to comply with any instructions by the Video Consultation doctor to consult a doctor in-person, seek emergency treatment, consult a specialist, and/or procure further examination, investigations or treatment. You agree not to hold SingHealth Polyclinics liable for any failure to so comply.

You agree to provide accurate, up-to-date contact details, including mobile number, e-mail address and delivery address. Accurate contact details are required to enable SMS notifications, access to the PILBOX locker, and home delivery of medications or documents. If you opt for PILBOX or Medication Delivery Service, you agree to be bound by the Full Terms and Conditions of PILBOX and Medication Delivery Service, which can be found here.

iii. Limitations of Video Consultation

  1. The doctor may not be able to see or hear you and your physical signs clearly due to possible fluctuations in the audiovisual quality of video conference.
  2. The doctor is not able to conduct a full physical examination such as palpation or auscultation. 
  3. The doctor relies on you to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about your condition. If you do not share enough details about your condition, there is a possibility that your condition may not be assessed and managed adequately.
  4. Should the doctor find the video consultation to be unsuitable or insufficient to provide safe clinical management, you may be required to see the doctor in the clinic.
  5. Some medications are not suitable for delivery and may require in-person collection from SingHealth Polyclinics Pharmacy.
  6. There may be uncommon risks or limitations of a video consultation not referred to in this form, or risks that are applicable to you specifically due to individual patient risk factors. Please ask your clinical care team member for more information before the video consultation.

iv. Privacy
The video conference will not be recorded or photographed by either the doctor or SingHealth Polyclinics. Similarly, you should not record the video conference (whether via photographs, video or audio recordings).

v. Data Protection
Personal data collected, used, or disclosed for this video consultation will be kept confidential by SingHealth Polyclinics, in accordance with the SingHealth Data Protection Policy. By booking an appointment or using our Video Consultation services, you confirm that you have read, understood and consent to the SingHealth Data Protection Policy, which can be found here.