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What is My Care Team?

My Care Team (MCT) is a multi-disciplinary healthcare team that is committed to provide integrated care and help patients achieve health goals. With dedicated roles, each member in a care team will build a trusted and long-term relationship with patients in their journey to better health. 

MCT is part of the Healthier SG initiative by Ministry of Health (MOH).

Who is part of My Care Team?

A care team, comprising Doctors, Care Managers and Health Pals, will provide holistic care, with a strong focus on preventive care to our patients.  

Why join My Care Team?

  • Receive integrated care from a multi-disciplinary healthcare team
  • Enjoy better quality of care through stronger teamwork and better communication in the team
  • Build rapport and long-term relationship with your healthcare team
  • Achieve better health outcomes through a personalised care plan
  • Receive practical advice and health tips to stay healthy
  • Benefit from care coordination for your appointments and preventive care needs

Watch the video below to find out more about My Care Team:

How will My Care Team support Healthier SG?

MCT harnesses the strengths of each member and pools knowledge and resources to develop a personalised care plan for each patient, striving to transform patient experience and actively engaging and empowering patients as full participants in preventive care. As part of SingHealth Polyclinics’ efforts to support the Healthier SG initiative by the Ministry of Health, MCT provides better care and partners patients to take charge of their own health. For more information on Healthier SG, click here