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VC for General Medical Conditions FAQs

General Information

You will be able to see a polyclinic doctor on the same day through video call (using the Zoom platform) if you have a mild condition (examples include mild acute respiratory symptoms, diarrhea or vomiting). 
Singaporeans (18 to 64 years old)*: $16.30
Singaporeans (>65 years old)*: $7.60
Permanent Resident*: $32.20
Non-Resident^: $67.60   

*Inclusive of GST and GST Grant
^Inclusive of GST

Please note that this does not include the cost of the medications.
The medication delivery fee is $4.99.  An administrative fee may apply for failed delivery.

The final amount payable will be sent to you via SMS or Health Buddy Push Notification (PN) after your consultation. Please kindly ensure that you make payment promptly after you have received the SMS/PN. 
Persons age 18 years and above will be able to use this service.

Persons with visual, hearing, memory or mental impairment should not use this video consult service. It is advisable to consult our Polyclinic doctors in person to ensure safe, clinical care.
If you have not visited any SingHealth institutions prior to this, you will be prompted to create a profile after you have downloaded the Health Buddy App.

In general, mild conditions are suitable for this service given the limitations of video consult whereby the doctor cannot physically examine you.

Whilst it is not mandatory to have, it can help the doctor in their assessment if you have a thermometer, oximeter, or blood pressure machine. 

If you have respiratory symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sore throat, home COVID-19 ART testing is encouraged, however not mandatory. Kindly note that we do not provide teleservices for supervised ART testing. If you wish to confirm your positive home ART test, you may access private telemedicine providers or Joint Testing & Vaccination Centres. Visit to find out more.

Examples of suitable conditions include:
• Cough, runny nose, sore throat, or phlegm of mild severity
• Mild COVID-19 illness
• Hayfever/allergic rhinitis

Gastrointestinal / Genitourinary
• Diarrhoea, vomiting or abdominal cramps
• Symptoms of urinary tract infection such as burning sensation when pass urine
• Menstrual cramps

• Joint or muscle pain

• Dry skin
• Acne
• Known eczema or psoriasis

• Referral to specialist for antenatal care with no pre-existing medical conditions
• Infertility

• Referral to dental surgeon / specialist


This Video Consultation service is NOT for urgent or emergency care. Should you require urgent care, please seek attention at the nearest medical facility or Accident & Emergency department, or call 995.

For conditions that cannot be safely assessed, diagnosed or treated without a physical consultation, your doctor may also advise that you seek face-to-face medical attention for further assessment.

The following conditions are NOT suitable for this service:
​Eyes​Red eyes, blurring or loss of vision
​Ears​Loss of hearing, ear pain
​Head​First presentation of headache with no previous history, giddiness, fits or seizures, sudden onset of weakness or numbness of limbs, facial droop, slurred speech
​Chest​Chest pain, breathing difficulties, wheeze
​Abdomen/Genitourinary​Severe abdominal pain, blood in urine, blood in stools, incontinence of urine or faeces, abnormal menstrual bleeding, abnormal vaginal discharge
​Sexual Health​Emergency contraception, initiation of contraceptive pills, contraception counselling, sexually transmitted diseases
​Trauma​Severe injury or uncontrolled bleeding, suspected fracture, open wounds, severe bruising
​Skin​Severe allergic reaction, new onset of skin rash, skin rash with fever, masses or lumps
​Infection​prolonged fever of more than 3 days
​Psychiatry​Emotional or mental distress, insomnia

We care about your mental health. If you are experiencing symptoms of mental or emotional distress, we advise you to seek help with an in-person consultation. You may also call the National Care Hotline 1800-202-6868 8am to 12am daily or Institute of Mental Health 24-hour helpline 6389 2222 service, which is manned by professional counsellors.
The doctor will take a history and assess your requirement for further physical examination or investigation. Follow-up arrangements will be arranged by our appointment team.
The charges will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

If the video consult doctor assesses that you require in-person consult within 24 hours, the in-person consult charge may be waived if consulting for the same complaint/condition.

This service is for general medical conditions and mild ailments that warrant same-day consult.

If you are currently seeing a SingHealth Polyclinic doctor for your chronic medical conditions, you can call our Call Centre at 6643 6969, or apply via this form ( ) to book a Video Consult for your chronic medical conditions.  You can find more information on our video consult service for chronic conditions at

If you are running out of medications and require urgent top-up of medication, you can request via
1. Health Buddy Mobile App (Select ‘Medication’  ‘Medicines Order Service’)
2. SingHealth Polyclinics Call Centre at 6372 6878

​If you are an existing patient of SingHealth Polyclinics’ Well Womens Clinic (also known as Family Planning clinic) for the oral contraceptive pill, you can call our Call Centre at 6643 6969, or apply via this form to book a Video Consult for your contraceptive pill.  You can find more information on our video consult service for oral contraception follow-up at

For those who wish to start contraception or speak to a doctor about your contraception options, call our Call Centre at 6372 6878 to book an appointment at our Well Women Clinic (also known as Family Planning Clinic) for an in-person consult.

For the morning-after pill, kindly book an in-person consult due to the time-sensitive nature. The medication is currently not available in our pharmacies, however our doctors can issue a prescription for you to obtain it from retail pharmacies.

Appointment Booking

The operating hours is from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.
Last registration for appointment is 3pm .
The service is not available on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays.

The operating hours for the technical and support hotline (6340 7473) is from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm.

Note: The technical and support hotline is for troubleshooting assistance for Zoom Video Platform and Meeting ID or if you wish to cancel or reschedule your same-day video consult appointment.

​This service is currently on appointment basis only. You will need to book a slot through Health Buddy Mobile App. Please refer to visual guide below.

As this is a new pilot service, there are limited number of slots at the moment. You may not be able to find any appointment slots if all the slots have been taken up.

Do note that the last registration for appointment of this video consult service is 3pm.

We seek your understanding as we work to increase the number of slots to meet your needs. You can find more information on our Polyclinic Locations & Operating Hours if you would like to visit our polyclinics in-person instead.

​You will receive the Zoom Meeting ID details via SMS before your appointment time. Please click on the link to join the meeting 5 minutes before your appointment time.

We will require your phone number so we can send you the SMS with the Zoom Meetings details so you can conduct the video consult with the doctor. We may also need to contact you if there are any changes to your appointment.

We may also send essential medical documents to your registered email address.

As such, these two fields are compulsory. Please fill them in accurately to ensure a more seamless journey. 

The doctor may prescribe you medications if required. These medications will be sent to the address that you enter when you make the appointment. This address can be different from your NRIC address.

The medication delivery fee is $4.99.

Please ensure that you will need to be at the delivery address to receive your medications. The medications will generally be delivered within 4 hours after your consultation. For failed deliveries, an administrative fee may be charged.

​After a grace period, you will be unable to cancel or reschedule your appointment on the Health Buddy mobile app. Please call our dedicated hotline at 6340 7473 for technical assistance on Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm.

Yes, if you have been registered as your loved one’s caregiver on Health Buddy Mobile App, you will be able to make the appointment on their behalf by selecting their profile on Health Buddy.

​No. The patient must be present during the video consult.

Preparation for Video Consultation

​In order to participate in this video consult, you will need the following:
- Health Buddy Mobile App
- SingPass account to make the appointment through Health Buddy.
- A device with video and audio functions that you can launch Zoom Video Platform. Please download the Zoom App before your appointment for a better experience.
- Your Identification Card (IC)/ Foreigner Identification Card (FIN). Your doctor will request for you to show your IC/ FIN at the start of the consult, in order to verify your identity.
- Any home monitoring devices (if any), such as thermometer, blood pressure machine, pulse oximeter.

We recommend that you conduct the video consult in a private, quiet space, and are appropriately attired. Ensure that the space is adequately lit so your doctor can assess you clearly through the video.


If you are taking public transport or driving, the doctor will not proceed with the video consult and will ask you to re-join when stationary and in a private quiet space, or reschedule your appointment.



Patients must be situated in Singapore at the time of consult. This applies to all video consultation services provided by SingHealth Polyclinics.

You will receive the Zoom details via SMS or Health Buddy Push Notification (if activated) before your appointment time. Please click on the link to join the meeting 5 minutes before your appointment time.

You should receive a SMS/ Health Buddy Push Notification with the Zoom details before your appointment time. Please check your Health Buddy App for the Push Notifications.

If you do not receive the Zoom details 5 minutes before the appointment, please contact us at 6340 7473 , the technical and support hotline for this Video Consult service.


Your doctor may still be with another patient, and is not ready to see you yet. Please continue waiting in the room, and do not leave the Zoom meeting. Your doctor will admit you to Zoom session once he/she is ready.


If you need further assistance, please call 6340 7473 the technical and support hotline for this Video Consult service.

Please try to return to the Zoom meeting as soon as possible. The Zoom details will remain the same. If you require further assistance, please call 6372 6878, the technical and support hotline for this Video Consult service.

You will be seeing the polyclinic doctor on duty, who may not be your usual polyclinic doctor. You will not be able to select a specific doctor.

After the consultation

You will receive a SMS or Health Buddy Push Notification (PN) after your consultation with the total amount payable. Please click on the link, which will direct you to our mobile payment platform. Please kindly ensure that you make payment promptly once you have received the SMS/PN.

We accept Mobile Pay (i.e. Credit Card, PayNow, eNets), Medifund, Blood Donor, CSC Holder, SingHealth Staff Benefit Card Holder and SpeedPay.

We will deduct your bill under SpeedPay, unless advised otherwise.

Third party payers accepted by SHP are Medifund, Blood Donor, CSC Holder, SingHealth Staff Benefit Card Holder & Flexi-Medisave (if you have signed up). They can be used to pay for consultation and medication fee.
Note: Medication delivery fee is not covered by third party payments.

Your medications will be sent to the delivery address that you have provided during the appointment booking process. Please ensure that you are available at the delivery address to receive the delivery. If you are not present at the time of medication delivery, the medications will be returned to Eunos Polyclinic Level 2 Pharmacy, whereby you can self-collect. An administrative fee may apply for failed delivery. and delivery will be rescheduled, with additional delivery fee.

Alternatively, you may opt to self-collect your medications in-person from one of the SingHealth Polyclinic pharmacies during pharmacy operating hours Mon-Fri 8am-4.30pm and Sat 8am-12.30pm. Inform your video consult doctor if so.

​Your medications will be delivered to you within 4 hours after the end of the appointment.

The doctor will discuss and inform you on the items prescribed. The medications will also contain instructions and a QR code to scan for further instructions.


If you would like to specifically request for medication counselling, kindly inform the doctor who will arrange for the pharmacist to give you a phone call. Please note that this phone call may be from a private number. Pharmacy tele-counselling for this service is available 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

This is assessed on a case-to-case basis.

Call the SHP Call Centre at 6643 6969 and the care team will assess your request.


You will receive a SMS with the link containing your digital MC.

​You may retrieve it from the Mobile Pay platform.

Your doctor will send any referral letters/ memo to your registered email. Follow the instructions included in the email to access your password-protected document. 

Referral letters, memo, and eMC can be sent to you electronically. If you require hardcopy, inform the doctor and you will need to go to Eunos Polyclinic in person to collect. Bring your NRIC card for identity verification.

We will be able to send you the invoice via email upon request.

​​For all other queries or feedback, please contact us at 6340 7473 or email us at