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SHP Clinical Laboratory and SHP Diagnostic Radiology

Service Request Forms

Important notes for GP referrals to SHP Clinical Laboratory:

  • Self-referrals by patients or direct-to-consumer testing will not be accepted. Submission of a Laboratory Test Request signed by the requesting physician and to include:
    a) the requesting physician’s name and contact number; and
    b) the clinic’s name, address, telephone number and fax number
  • The requesting physician’s contact number should enable our laboratory to contact the requesting physician or your assigned staff member even after business hours in the event that the laboratory test result(s) is within the critical range. The requesting physician or your assigned staff member needs to be readily contactable to ensure that timely medical advice is provided to the patient. 
  • It shall not be our laboratory’s responsibility to liaise, on behalf of the requesting physician, with the patient for notification of and advice on the laboratory test result(s) or clinical management.
  •  Our performance of the test(s) requested is subject to the condition that the requesting physician and your clinic shall hold harmless and indemnify Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd t/a SingHealth Polyclinics and its subcontractors and their respective agents, authorised representatives, directors and personnel against any claims arising from or in connection with inaccessibility of the requesting physician or any authorised staff to receive the test result(s) or failure by any of them to provide timely notification of the laboratory test result(s) and medical advice to the patient.

Please note that we reserve the right to decline performing the tests in the absence of any information that we require as indicated in our “Request for Laboratory Services” form.

We seek your kind understanding and support for our efforts towards a patient focused laboratory service. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership in enhancing healthcare for our community.

For further clarifications, please email us at