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Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden Cardiac Arrest: What it is, How to Prevent | National Heart Centre Singapore

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Sudden Cardiac Death - Singapore's Growing Problem

Collaborating with the Health Sciences Authority, the National Heart Centre Singapore conducted a study on 229 sudden unexpected deaths in people aged 18 - 60 years old for the year 2003. Despite the fact that the study was only based on the results from an isolated year, the findings were astounding.

The study found that about 0.6 Singaporeans below 60 years old fall victim to sudden cardiac death (SCD) every day and that 91% of the people who died from sudden cardiac death were males. In addition, the study found that although Chinese people made up more than half of the sudden cardiac deaths in 2003 (53.2%), a significant percentage of people who had died were Malay (16.4%) and Indian (14%) as well. The study also found that the mean age for males dying from SCD in 2003 was 46 ±9 years and 49 ±9 years for females. An important finding of the study was that 81% of all SCD deaths were caused by coronary artery disease (which is the occlusion of blood arteries), with almost half of all patients irrespective of age having triple vessel disease prior to dying of SCD.


In conclusion, sudden cardiac death is a major cause of mortality in Singapore and the rest of the world but this silent killer may be preventable to a certain extent. Primary prevention and early identification and treatment of CAD and heart failure still remain very important. Implantation of an ICD is useful for SCA survivor or for patients who are at a high risk of SCA. However, not all patients who survive a SCA attack would require an ICD, especially after a heart attack.

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