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Pectus Excavatum

Pectus Excavatum - What it is

Pectus excavatum (also known as funnel chest) occurs when the breastbone is sunken into the chest. In severe cases, there is a deep dent in the middle of the chest.

While the sunken breastbone is generally noticeable shortly after birth, the condition typically worsens as the patient grows up, particularly for patients going through puberty.

Pectus excavatum is more commonly found in boys than girls. Severe cases can affect the function of heart and lungs. Additionally, even in mild cases, patients may feel self-conscious about their appearance. However, surgery can successfully correct the deformity.

Pectus Excavatum - How to prevent?

Pectus Excavatum - Preparing for surgery

Pectus Excavatum - Post-surgery care

Pectus Excavatum - Other Information

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