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Childhood Myopia - Symptoms

Childhood Myopia - Diagnosis

Childhood Myopia - Treatments

childhood myopia treatments

Putting on spectacles or contact lens helps to bring distant objects into focus. A child should be able to see well in each eye at all times without exerting extra effort in focusing.

LASIK is a surgical procedure that thins the cornea (the transparent front layer of the eye). This is rather like creating a permanent contact lens on the cornea to bring instant images into focus. However, LASIK is a cosmetic and not a curative treatment, as the eye is still elongated retaining the same risk of retinal detachment, macular degeneration, etc., even after LASIK.

Once the eyeball elongates, the change is irreversible. Therefore, prevention of myopia and delaying its progression early in life are important steps in management of myopia and its consequences.

To ensure that your child does not become myopic, encourage him/her to adopt good eye care habits from a young age, even before he/she develops myopia. There have also been extensive studies and good evidence on eye drops (e.g. atropine) to slow down the myopia progression. Ask your doctor about the latest advances in the field and what is suitable for your child.

Childhood Myopia - Preparing for surgery

Childhood Myopia - Post-surgery care

Childhood Myopia - Other Information

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