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Qualitative Research Workshop

Qualitative research in family medicine and community nursing has been executed in studies of illness, explanatory models, health beliefs and behaviour, doctor-patient relationship, social and community interaction in the local ethnic, cultural and religious contexts. Qualitative research captures qualitative data in several ways, of which in-depth interviews and focus group discussions are commonly used. These methods form the core training contents of the SHP Qualitative Research Workshop.


Spread over two separate days with a fortnight interval in between, the workshop comprises lectures and hands-on sessions which allow participants to be familiarised with the equipment used in gathering qualitative data and in organising focus group discussions. Participants will be introduced to literature search of their topic of choice, develop a topic guide, role-play in the discussions and deliberate on their selected topic.

The discussion will be audio-taped and the participants will transcribe them into texts. The trainers will guide them through the interpretation of these qualitative data, which will subsequently be categorised into themes. Demonstration of software that facilitates the organisation and analysis of the data will be carried out.

Project Assignment

Participants will carry out an actual qualitative research project as part of the training programme over the next 12 months. They will be introduced to the resources, processes and documents for their respective Institution Review Board (IRB) application to obtain ethics approval of the study.

The trainers will schedule mid-point review to monitor the progress of the research project and put up recommendations to participants to overcome any difficulty encountered during the execution of the study. The participants will make a final presentation to showcase the results of their completed study.

This rigorous learning approach will prepare participants to carry out a real-time study and allow them to enjoy a genuine fruitful experience in qualitative research.

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