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My Care Team is multi-disciplinary is a multi-disciplinary healthcare team that is committed to provide integrated care and help you achieve your health goals. With dedicated roles, each member in your care team will build a trusted and long-term relationship with you in your journey to better health.

Who is part of My Care Team?

A care team, comprising of Doctors, Care Managers and Health Pals, will provide more holistic care, with a strong focus on preventive care to our patients. We hope to build a stronger long-term relationship with our patients to help them better manage their health.  

How can you benefit from My Care Team?

Being a part of My Care Team enables you to receive integrated care from a multi-disciplinary healthcare team. With the support of the care team, you can take charge of your own health and also build a trusted relationship with the care team. Stay healthy with better control of chronic illness and keep well by going for regular health screening and staying up-to-date with vaccinations.