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Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee Osteoarthritis  - Conditions & Treatments | SingHealth

Knee Osteoarthritis - What it is

knee osteoarthritis conditions and treatments

What is Knee Osteoarthritis?

A healthy knee has linings of cartilage and lubricating joint fluid (i.e. synovial fluid) to protect and cushion between the main leg bones, allowing for pain-free knee movements. However, in Knee Osteoarthritis, the cartilage lining gradually wears out and the synovial fluid loses its shock-absorbing qualities. This produces the symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis.

Doctors grade the severity of Knee Osteoarthritis by a combination of the symptoms including pain, stiffness, swelling, or loss of range of motion and X-ray appearance of the knee.

Knee Osteoarthritis - Causes and Risk Factors

Knee Osteoarthritis - Diagnosis

Knee Osteoarthritis - Post-surgery care

Knee Osteoarthritis - Other Information

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