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Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Info Sheet

Why are there 2 tests - a Preliminary Test and a Confirmatory Test?

  • The Preliminary Test is an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) that detects the presence of COVID-19 virus antigen (proteins). The ART results will be available in about 30 mins and is an early indication that will allow for identification of potential COVID-positive patients early and enable quick detection of unlinked/linked cases in the community.
  • The Confirmatory Test is a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test that tests for the presence of viral genetic material (i.e. ribonucleic acid or RNA in short) in swab specimens collected from your throat and/or the nasal passages. The test results will be available generally within 3 working days.

If your Preliminary Test (ART) is POSITIVE:

  • This suggests that your symptoms are likely due to a COVID-19 infection.   
  • You will be transferred to an isolation facility while you wait for the results of your PCR test. 
  • You will be escorted to a waiting room while we arrange for a dedicated transport to send you to the facility.
  • If the PCR test result is negative, you will receive 3 days MC to rest at home. If you continue to feel unwell after your MC, please see us for a review.
  • If the PCR test result is positive, you will be transferred to a medical facility to receive the appropriate care.

If your Preliminary Test (ART) result is NEGATIVE:

  • You will receive an SMS notification about your negative ART result within the same day. Please call us at 6643 6969 if you do not receive the SMS.
  • A negative ART result does not necessarily mean that the PCR test result will also be negative. You will need to isolate yourself at home pending the results of the PCR test.
  • The PCR test result will be ready generally within 3 working days and it will be made available in your TraceTogether app. 
  • You will receive 3 days MC and will be required by law to self-isolate at home and remain contactable for the duration of the MC until you are notified of a negative PCR test result.
  • You should collect your medications and head straight home to rest. Please be properly masked at all times.
  • When heading home, please avoid taking public transport. We advise that you take private transport and have the windows wound down. 
  • Please wear a mask and avoid close contact with anyone, even at home. If you continue to feel unwell, please call us at 6643 6969 or see us for a review.

If you have a prior medical appointment, please inform your healthcare provider that you are on a 3-day MC, so that they can advise if the appointment should be rescheduled.

For queries, please email .

24 May 2021