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Advancing Clinical Education
The Powerhouse of Clinical Education and Training
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Training Generations of Healthcare Leaders and Professionals
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Supporting your Education Needs
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We offer a wide range of coordinated education pathways for healthcare professionals across the continuum – from undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate, to continuing education and faculty development.

Faces of Education

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Oct 1 Tue
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Screening Mammograms at SKH
Radiology on 5 @ SKH Medical Centre Level 5 (5E-89)
Oct 2 Wed
Healthcare Professionals
Basic Conversational Hokkien Course
Oct 11 Fri
Sporty Friday X BCAM @ SKH
SKH Campus (the open space near Polar Café & SingHealth Pharmacare)

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Residency program

The Nasr (Victory) Alliance of Mr Abadi is in third place

16 May 2018| News Release